BridgeTower has built a worldclass staking and node infrastructure

BridgeTower is operating in the world’s most promising Layer 1 network protocols forming the backbone for Web 3.0. BridgeTower, and its partners, are offering custom staking for a seamless entry point to a diversified set of high-quality validator nodes.
Providing Institutional Access to Layer 1 Protocol and Web3 Staking Opportunities
8,000+ BridgeTower Operating Nodes
Meeting ESG standards Using 100% Renewable Energy Carbon Neutral Environment
Eco friendly Proof-of Stake utilizing green electricity
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BridgeTower Market

The BridgeTower Market is a blockchain infrastructure and integration platform creating sophisticated financial products and services building out the Web3 economy.

Collaborating with industry leaders, Securitize and Chainlink to meet Regulatory compliance requirements including products designed for institutions to safely participate in compliance with regulations. Qualified investors together with disclosures, monitoring dashboards and Proof-of-Reserve will provide the necessary confidence and trust for the sophisticated investors participating in this expanding market.

Staked Digital Asset Security

Protocol staking plays a crucial role in blockchain accuracy and security.  Proof-of-stake blockchains are programmed to reward validators with tokens for their efforts to maintain the database, secure the network and otherwise ensure proper record of transactions.

BridgeTower staking allows institutional investors to seamlessly participate in staking rewards on the public blockchains in a unique and regulatory compliant manner. They are offered in compliance with applicable laws and regulation to allow purchasers to receive the rewards associated with a staked utility token.

Dynamic NFTs

Limited edition NFTs available in the BridgeTower Market. The dynamic NFTs serve as a “visual container” for a Masterpiece NFT art community featuring historical information, modern interpretations and a podcast about the series. Dynamic NFTs from more artists, entertainers, sporting clubs and more will be added to the BridgeTower Market in the months ahead.

Permissioned Markets

Bridgetower Permissioned Market
Bridgetower Permissioned Market
Bridgetower Permissioned Market
Bridgetower Permissioned Market
Bridgetower Permissioned Market
More Coming
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The BridgeTower Market for Institutional Investors offers

  • A developing suite of staking and financial products for Layer 1 protocols and Web3 companies
  • Powered by a unique, proprietary, ESG compliant technology stack
  • Seamless system integrations with market leading players including Securitize (onboarding platform, KYC/AML verification, share issuance and management), Chainlink (proof-of-reserve), Circle (wallet)

Creating and Placing NFTs on the World’s Largest Blockchains

BridgeTower is working with sports organizations, entrepreneurs, artists, and corporations to create world-class NFT’s and gain access to the world’s largest blockchains.

“Visions of a Safe Crossing”
– Giulia Wyss, acclaimed Swiss Artist
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