BridgeTower has built a worldclass staking and node infrastructure

BridgeTower is operating in the world’s most promising Layer 1 network protocols forming the backbone for Web 3.0. BridgeTower, and its partners, are offering custom staking for a seamless entry point to a diversified set of high-quality validator nodes.
Providing Institutional access to Staking and DeFi
3000+ Operating Nodes
Eco friendly Proof-of Stake utilizing green electricity
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Institutional Grade DeFi products

Through proprietary software BridgeTower places access to simple, customizable staking opportunities into users’ hands.

Staked Digital Asset Security

Staked token placed in a smart contract providing KYC, whitelisting and cap table tracking. This token is placed in a permissioned market.

Providing a regulated process for financial institutions.

Permissioned Markets

Bridgetower Permissioned Market
Bridgetower Permissioned Market
Bridgetower Permissioned Market
Bridgetower Permissioned Market
Bridgetower Permissioned Market
More Coming
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BridgeTower is providing Permissioned Markets for Institutions

  • Providing a host of staking and Defi products in permissioned markets
  • Based in Switzerland, Singapore, Latin America, and the United States
  • Technically linking permissioned markets with processes to meet regulatory compliance requirements
  • Increasing global access to products and volume

Creating and Placing NFTs on the World’s Largest Blockchains

BridgeTower is working with sports organizations, entrepreneurs, artists, and corporations to create world-class NFT’s and gain access to the world’s largest blockchains.

“Visions of a Safe Crossing”
– Giulia Wyss, acclaimed Swiss Artist
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