BridgeTower Partners with MoonPay to Offer Fully Integrated Fiat Onboarding for BridgeTower Market

April 10, 2023 — BridgeTower Capital, a leading blockchain infrastructure and integration company delivering next-generation financial products and technology solutions, announced a new partnership with MoonPay, the world’s leading Web3 infrastructure company. With MoonPay, BridgeTower’s customers can now seamlessly purchase staked digital assets, and a full suite of sophisticated financial products using their preferred fiat currency directly on The BridgeTower Market.

The BridgeTower Market is a permissioned institutional-grade marketplace built on a proprietary blockchain technology stack three years in the making. The BridgeTower Market allows investors to easily and seamlessly participate in multiple offerings with the flexibility to customize products for specific NFT brands, white-label solutions, and integrate with other platforms all within a unique and regulatory compliant manner. In addition to MoonPay, BridgeTower is collaborating with industry leaders Securitize and Chainlink in this unique offering.

Through the partnership, MoonPay’s seamless fiat on ramping services will be integrated directly into the BridgeTower Capital Market platform and will provide an integral piece in BridgeTower’s offering of financial products and services. The full integration allows users to easily purchase digital assets using their preferred fiat currency, without having to navigate multiple platforms or exchanges. Users will also benefit from MoonPay’s secure and user-friendly interface, which provides customer AML, KYC and KYB in a fast and hassle-free experience.

The partnership will offer an extensive global footprint, operating in more than 160 countries with relationships with more than 500 partners including leading wallets, exchanges and commercial brands. Many of the world’s most iconic brands are now relying on MoonPay to power their Web3 strategies and ideas.

“We were impressed with the breadth of the capabilities of the BridgeTower platform and the deep expertise of the team” said Abhay Mavalankar, Vice President, Corporate Development & Investments. “MoonPay’s vision from the start has been about enabling access to the Web3 economy by simplifying the user experience to ultimately onboard a billion users to Web3. Our exclusive partnership with BridgeTower will accelerate that vision. We are thrilled to support BridgeTower as an investor and partner to deliver a best-in-class institutional grade marketplace.”

“Our relationship with MoonPay is meaningful both from an investment and as a strategic partner,” said BridgeTower Chief Executive Officer Cory Pugh. “MoonPay provides a foundational component to the BridgeTower platform that greatly enhances our ability to seamlessly deliver tokenization, financial products, and customized NFT solutions that are forging the Web3 economy.”

BridgeTower Market has integrated SecuritizeID from Securitize, whose platform facilitates investor onboarding and verification, KYC checks, wallet whitelisting, share issuance and management. Market participants will be issued their own customized investor wallet automatically created by Circle/Cybavo and industry-leading third-party service providers provide an arms-length custody solution on behalf of investors. In addition, BridgeTower is integrating Chainlink to provide Proof of Reserve (PoR) services and monitoring wallet balances across a variety of blockchains and relay that information to each investor’s dashboard as on-chain proof.

BridgeTower has recently announced a series of products for the BridgeTower Market including a first of its kind product allowing institutional investors to seamlessly participate in staking rewards on the Avalanche public blockchain in a unique and regulatory compliant manner; a collaboration with industry leader Lido for a turnkey, institutional Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB) staking product for institutional investors; and launched the Masterpiece’s of Art NFT series with Artemundi, a leading art investment management company.


About BridgeTower

BridgeTower Capital is a leading blockchain infrastructure and integration company delivering next generation financial products and technology solutions. BridgeTower’s proprietary technology and architecture has been specifically designed to seamlessly deliver tokenization, financial products, and customized NFT solutions. The company operates more than 8,000 of its own staking nodes and owns servers utilizing 100 percent renewable energy. BridgeTower is a global company based in Singapore with operating entities in Switzerland and the United States allowing it to compliantly address many of the most important jurisdictions in the global economy. Learn more at

About MoonPay

MoonPay is the world’s leading Web3 infrastructure company. MoonPay is transforming the modern customer experience by building end-to-end solutions for payments, custody, world class design, and enterprise-scale digital asset and smart contracts minting. Many of the world’s most iconic brands rely on MoonPay to power their Web3 strategies and ideas. MoonPay is active in more than 160 countries and is trusted by over 500 partners, including leading wallets, exchanges, and commercial brands. For more information, visit:

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