Blockchain DeFi

Blockchain DeFi

Blockchain Staking — The Infrastructure Forming
the Backbone of Web 3.0 and Decentralized Finance

Proof-of-Stake has proven itself to be one of the most utilized blockchain consensus mechanisms, with dozens of layer 1 and layer 2 protocols emerging to power decentralized applications and finance platforms.
We invest in the most promising networks and protocols that are forming the backbone of Web 3.0 and the financial systems of the future. It has the power to disrupt and revolutionize many industries, its business value is expected to reach over $3Trillion by 2030.

Investing alongside the world’s leading portfolio managers

Blockchain can no longer be ignored. Top venture capital funds like Sequoia Capital and Andreessen Horowitz are now supporting the blockchain ecosystem from the ground up. Proof-of Stake innovation will continue as the sector expands, industries are disrupted, and automation continues to evolve.

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Actively Managed Portfolio

Our portfolio managers are expert researchers in the blockchain ecosystem. Having their fingers on the pulse and knowing when to add new networks or drop currently held networks gives investors peace of mind that ROI and yields are continuously being optimized.

A Portfolio approach investment product powered by self-hosted validator nodes allows us to offer the benefits of diversification, interest-like residual income, and exposure to the upside value appreciation of underlying digital assets.

Validators Nodes

To manage digital wealth efficiently not only safe custody is required but also  institutional-grade Staking Services. BridgeTower is running its own Staking Infrastructure of Validator  Nodes and is offering that service to international investors.

Running Validator Nodes is requiring a certain amount of collateral (stake)  and the related asset management which BridgeTower is providing.

  • Institutional-grade. All supported networks are carefully selected,  including Due Diligence and detailed Investment Recommendations. In addition, the network needs to comply with our ESG Guidelines and Exclusion Criteria.
  • Governance. By running the Validator Nodes BridgeTower is having access to and voting power in the governance processes of the public Blockchain protocols.
  • Staking Rewards. All Validator Nodes are accepting public delegations to grow the Assets under Delegation further. As BridgeTower Capital is  participating on all Staking Fees it is becoming a separated revenue  stream.