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Blockchain Staking — The Infrastructure Forming
the Backbone of Web 3.0 and Decentralized Finance

Proof-of-Stake has proven itself to be one of the most utilized blockchain consensus mechanisms, with dozens of Layer 1 and Layer 2 protocols emerging to power applications and finance platforms. BridgeTower has quickly become leading global provider of Layer 1 and Web 3.0 Staking.

We participate in the most promising networks and protocols that are forming the backbone of Web 3.0 and the financial systems of the future. It has the power to disrupt and revolutionize many industries, its business value is expected to reach over $3Trillion by 2030.

Bridgetower Staking Infrastructure / Validator Nodes

BridgeTower is running its own Staking Infrastructure of Validator Nodes and is currently building assets on many of the world’s leading Blockchain protocols and permissioned markets.

Developing and operating validator nodes require data center technological expertise and equipment. BridgeTower is operating its own secure staking servers in a highly secured, bunkered Swiss facility with compliant and audited institutional-grade processes providing highest standard key generation and management.

BridgeTower servers utilized 100 percent green electricity. Data Center locations are operated only with renewable energy. Servers utilize cooling with filtered outside air, without the need for additional cooling of the systems.

Green Energy

Custom Staking Products Provide Seamless Entry Point to Diversified Set of High Quality Validator Nodes

BridgeTower and its partners have developed an innovative product “Custom Staking Solution”, which offers a single access point to staking. Our front-end technology offers customers control over the smart contract based blockchain protocols with customized options for staking selections like jurisdiction, lock-up periods and e.g. ESG criteria.

In addition, features of SecuritizeID by Securitize will be offered to clients. Institutional-grade staking will be offered on Layer 1, Web 3, and exchanges like SDX.

The Custom Staking product provides customers a seamless entry point to a diversified set of high-quality Validator Nodes.

Liquid Staking Provides Investment Banks Access to Blockchain Asset Classes

Liquid Staking represents staked utility tokens of different blockchains that can bridge the value of staked utility tokens to traditional investors. Benefits and features of liquid staking include:

  • Security
  • Staking rewards
  • Regulated transfer agent
  • Complete chain of custody
  • Staked to BridgeTower owned infrastructure
  • Attractive pairs of attractive utility tokens

Interoperability Through Cross-Chain Permissioned Markets Compliantly Unleashes the Power of Blockchain Technology

BridgeTower is pioneering the creation of Permissioned Markets with leading global partners offering interoperability to institutions and individuals in a fully regulated manner.

BridgeTower is linking the global permissioned markets together utilizing the same technology and processes ensuring regulatory compliance and increased global access to products and volume.