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What We Do

BridgeTower Capital is a private equity firm that invests globally across a range of alternative asset classes, focusing on  financial services, asset-backed digital securities, technology solutions, high-growth companies and real estate. The  Company utilizes its Enterprise blockchain technology for administrative processes to ensure compliance and accuracy of  all transactions, as well as licensing the technology to other businesses. 

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Why BridgeTower Capital?

Pioneering Asset-Backed Digital Securities

By investing in BridgeTower Capital, investors own shares with dividend opportunities and access to global exchanges in a form of Digital Securities. BridgeTower Capital Digital Securities are asset-backed, meaning they are collateralized by multiple asset classes, diversifying investor’s portfolio and creating returns through various financial services.


Given today's market volatility, our business model is well positioned to provide access to time-tested assets and maximize shareholder value.

Value Proposition

Private Equity Firm Investing in Alternative Assets

Our model is differentiated by the business rationale of giving liquidity options to what is traditionally illiquid investment(s) at the investors’ discretion.

Asset-Backed Digital Securities

As an investor, you receive shares of the company for your investment in a form of Digital Securities.


Shares with Liquidity Options

Investors can hold a combination of your shares for dividend opportunities while exercising liquidity at your discretion on Global Exchanges or through Peer-to-Peer transactions.


Regulated Global Exchanges

Digital Securities can be traded on multiple regulated exchanges providing 24/7 access to capital on a global scale.


Peer-to-Peer Transactions

Investors can quickly and easily create compliant peer-to-peer trades to other fiat currencies.


Financial Services

Digital Securities 

Digital Securities, shares of a company, are rapidly gaining acceptance with financial institutions, public stock exchanges,  private equity firms, top tier banks and attaining regulatory compliance. The benefits of Digital Securities include increased  efficiency, security and ease of trading due to its digital format.

BridgeTower Capital provides a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of the future of financial services through digital securities that is on the path to becoming a $8 Trillion industry.


We invest in digital securities, global exchanges, alternative assets, high growth  companies, & opportunistic real estate.

Our team has conducted:


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Global Exchanges Offering Digital Securities


Trading Digital Securities on Global Exchanges

Digital Securities can be traded on regulated exchanges providing round-the-clock access to capital on a global scale. This  broader reach to traders benefit investors with more freedom and control, thereby capturing greater value in the underlining  asset known as “liquidity premium”.


BridgeTower Capital has partnered with a SEC-registered transfer agent to ensure full compliance with US and foreign  regulations. Currently, the Company is onboarding with 6 Global Exchanges in US, Asia and Europe, working with 10+  partners as the Company expands its network to provide investors with a broad range of liquidity options.


“We foresee that tokenization could make the financial industry more accessible, cheaper, faster and easier, thereby possibly unlocking trillions... in currently illiquid assets, and vastly increasing the volumes of trades.”



$4 Billion Real Estate Arm

BridgeTower Capitals real estate arm has $4 Billion AUM that performs  all aspects of loan origination, underwriting, servicing and selling of  paper on secondary markets. The company is strategically positioned to  capture deals given current market volatility, taking both debt and  equity positions.



Services for Real Estate Projects

Fractionalize Ownership of Real Estate Projects through Digital Securities | Provide Liquidity

The Company offers an innovative process of raising capital for real  estate projects through issuance of Digital Securities, which provides  fractional ownership, allowing access for average investors who would  otherwise not be able to participate in large real estate projects   throughout the world without extended hold periods. Investors can  execute trades 24/7 without 3rd party broker fees or beholden to fixed  operating hours on a single exchange.

From the creation of digital securities to accessing liquidity on global exchanges, BridgeTower Capital provides comprehensive services for real estate projects while adhering to highest standard of compliance.

We'll Take Care of the Real Estate Financing Procedures

BridgeTower Capital also provides turn-key due diligence management, underwriting, origination and loan servicing through our $4 Billion real estate arm.



The Company through this partnership has access to thousands of properties that few investors can access due to the partner’s size and tenure in the marketplace. 



Diversification of investment across multiple real estate properties reduces risk as investment dollars are not tied to just one property. 



Loans will be held in some cases, and in other cases sold for a premium to large institutions that customarily purchase such loans.


Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Our globally patented Cross Merkelization Technology combines the data security of a private blockchain with the immutability of a public blockchain platform to create a trustless, scalable platform. Our enterprise blockchain can integrate to existing technology infrastructure with API-ready integration. 

The Company utilizes its Enterprise blockchain technology for administrative processes to ensure compliance and accuracy of all transactions, as well as licensing the technology to other businesses.

Data Protection  -  Track & Record  - Storage & Reporting

Impact of Blockchain in Financial Services

Reducing transaction fees and costs in a transaction as there will be less of a need for intermediaries and time spent on brokering transactions

Transforming information flow through increased speed and transparency of transactions to enhance price discovery and secondary market liquidity

Securing storage and accessibility of verified, unaltered documents and data for ease of auditing and accountability


Seasoned Innovators Changing the Finance Industry

Our team has executive level leadership and proven track record in multi-billion dollar corporations with experience in taking companies public, developing international markets, and had successful exits. 

CEO & President



Phil Broadbent

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Financial Services Advisor

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Real Estate Advisor


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