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About Us

BridgeTower Capital is a Private Equity / VC firm that raises capital for its own global "family of funds". The firm invests its funds in alternative asset classes including real estate, early and mid-stage growth companies, and time-tested alternative assets. 

The firm is creating a digitally transformed investment ecosystem in the public and private financial markets through partnerships and strategic investments.  The digital financial ecosystem opens investments to a wider field of global investors via an advantageous digital securities value proposition.

BridgeTower utilizes its patented Enterprise blockchain technology -- for administrative processes to ensure compliance and accuracy of transactions -- its also available for licensing as a SaaS. 

Invest in High-Growth Companies
  • Early to Mid-Stage

  • Acquisitions

Invest in Alternative Assets
  • Real Estate

  • Time-Tested Assets

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Disrupting Capital Acquisition

Raise Capital Globally

BridgeTower raises capital for its own global "family of funds". The firm invests its funds in asset classes including real estate, early and mid-stage growth companies, and time-tested alternative assets. 


BridgeTower offers an innovative process for raising capital by partnering with exchanges and private institutions throughout Asia, Europe, and United States. The investment opportunity is offered across multiple jurisdictions, expanding the reach to a broader population of investors. Investments can be broken into smaller amounts, which lowers the barrier to entry and thereby increasing the number and volume of investors.

The end resulting being a registered agent issuing a digital security for a given asset.


This digital security represents a fractional ownership of the asset, providing access to average investors otherwise unable to meet minimum investment thresholds frequently associated with large investments.

Provide Liquidity

The Digital Security will be listed on globally regulated exchanges, private listing institutions, and capital raising platforms to a global audience. 

Once a digital security has been purchased, the shareholder may elect to hold the share and receive dividends or other returns listed in the offering memorandum or place the shares on a regulated exchange to be sold to access liquidity. 

Regulated Global Exchanges

Investors receive shares of the company in a form of Digital Securities, that can be traded globally on regulated exchanges, providing round-the-clock access to capital on a global scale. This broader reach to traders' benefits investors with more freedom and control creating a “liquidity premium.”

As the digital security market matures, the Company takes an opportunistic approach to its services and investments by creating a marketplace for digital securities to be traded on global exchanges. Global exchanges enable premium liquidity through round-the-clock trading of digital securities to other fiat currencies. Given our strategic partnerships and experience transacting and investing in alternative assets, the Company established strong position in this growing market opportunity.

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Our team has executive level leadership and proven track record in multi-billion dollar corporations with experience in taking companies public, developing international markets, and had successful exits. 

Our advisors include foremost experts and serial entrepreneurs in growth, trades and operations in alternative assets of $7.1B, and  experience taking new products to international markets with $1B+ in revenue.


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