BridgeTower is delivering a full-suite of highly sophisticated financial products and services to build out the Web3 economy.

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About Us

In past times, BridgeTowers served as fortifications providing travelers safe passage across bridges by keeping threats at bay.

Today, as the traditional world of investing embraces blockchain driven digital securities, investors need a new “Tower” to ensure they cross this bridge of opportunity safely and securely and fully  compliant with all regulatory requirements.

BridgeTower Capital was created to accomplish this mission.

Through unique global partnerships and investments BridgeTower has assembled a digitally transformed eco-system that is working across public and financial markets.

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BridgeTower equity shares in the form of a digital security.

Based in Switzerland, Singapore, Latin America and the United States

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Partnerships with Layer 1 Blockchains and Web 3.0 companies throughout the world

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BridgeTower’s eco friendly Swiss servers and validator nodes serving global markets

3,000+ Nodes Launched

Staking leading Layer 1 Blockchains

Staking Web 3.0

We Make
Good Company

Cory Pugh

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman

Cory Pugh is the Founder and CEO of BridgeTower Capital.

He brings to BridgeTower a deep background in operations and in Private Equity investing.

Part of the founding executive team of a $1 billion+ global company, Pugh has experience in setting up complex business organizations operating through the world. He has served as president of a NASDAQ-listed publicly traded company, as the CEO of a distributed ledger technology company and as a chief strategy company of a large cap private equity firm.

Over the past twenty years, he has helped lead more than 25 successful M&A transactions.


Meet the Team

Marcus Maute

Chief Operating Officer and President

Marcus Maute is BridgeTower’s Chief Operating Officer.

He brings a strong background in digitalization and emerging technologies to BridgeTower and has been an early adopter for Blockchain industrial use cases.

Previously, he served as Managing Partner for a Swiss Asset firm with more than $1 billion assets under management and as a senior management and technology consultant with Accenture across multiple verticals globally.


Marty Tate

Chief Legal Officer

Marty Tate is BridgeTower’s General Counsel and has been a chief architect in the company’s efforts to successfully operate in regulated markets globally.

He is a frequent speaker and panelists in important blockchain conferences and has specialized over the past twenty years in securities law, crowdfunding, fintech, token sales, peer-to-peer lending, private
equity, and fund formation and management. He brings to BridgeTower a deep expertise in blockchain based digital assets and securities.

He is also a partner in the Carman, Lenhof, Israelsen law firm.


Todd Wolfenbarger

CMO and Chief Strategy Officer

Todd Wolfenbarger is BridgeTower’s Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer.

He most recently successfully exited his 100+ person global marketing consultancy selling to a successful New York City based managed services organization. Over the course of the past 15 years he has developed and executed strategies for dozens of Fortune 500 companies and successful startups.

He has a deep background in private equity and served as a senior executive in the wireless industry. He is also a partner in Second Wind Ideas a Management Consultancy.


Christoph Sauer

Chief Technology Officer

Christoph Sauer is BridgeTower’s Chief Technology Officer and the architect of hosts of BridgeTower validator staking nodes operating in Switzerland and serving blockchains throughout the world.

He has founded a successful data center infrastructure company and has served as the lead architect for several large-scale and high secure server setups in Switzerland.

He brings the necessary expertise in high-performance computing in large scale applications that will help BridgeTower continue to expand.


Mindy Ngo

Head of Operations

Mindy Ngo is BridgeTower’s head of operations where she directs the company’s day-to-day efforts in operating its staking validator nodes.

She is a longtime Blockchain, and Crypto entrepreneur having developed multiple AI algorithms and founding Blockchain company startup with successful exit.


Chase Pugh

Director of Business Strategy

Chase Pugh serves as Director of Business Strategy

He brings to BridgeTower firsthand experience having founded Moxie, successful consumer goods product company marketed exclusively online.

While at Moxie he developed supply chain expertise and negotiated contracts with suppliers and service providers across a global network. He was directly responsible for marketing sizing, sales forecasting, sales operations, and revenue generation across the organization.

He successfully sold the company last year.


Board of Advisors

Allison Dunn

Business Advisor Allison Dunn  LinkedIn

Scott Graham

Business and Technology Advisory Scott Graham  LinkedIn


BridgeTower has developed relationships and strategic partnerships with many leading Blockchain protocols and promising Web 3.0 companies. These partnerships have led to signification delegations from the foundations and further joint business initiatives.

  • “We’ve worked alongside BridgeTower from early on and believe they have cleverly navigated the DeFi landscape to emerge as a leading voice in the space.”

    Jamie Finn

    Securitize President and Co-Founder