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About Us

In past times, Bridge Towers served as fortifications providing travelers safe passage across bridges by keeping threats at bay.

Today, as the traditional world embraces blockchain driven digital securities, there is a need for a new “Tower” to ensure they cross this bridge of opportunity safely, securely and fully compliant with all regulatory requirements.

BridgeTower Capital was created to accomplish this mission. Through unique global partnerships, BridgeTower has assembled a digitally transformed eco-system working across public and private markets.

This is a different kind of private equity firm. Investors become shareholders of the company in a form of Digital Securities.

With a traditional operational business mentality of building strong revenue and EBITDA growth, BridgeTower shareholders experience exciting new world opportunities built on blockchain technology. In addition, BridgeTower’s private equity investments in early to mid-stage growth companies provides financial, operational, talent acquisition and marketing support.

  • Igorand
  • Aikon
  • Persistence
  • Circle
  • Deloitte
  • Perkins Coie
  • Fuse Capital
  • Copper
  • Igorand
  • Aikon
  • Persistence
  • Circle
  • Deloitte
  • Perkins Coie
  • Fuse Capital
  • Copper
  • BridgeTower’s Unique Network of Global Partnerships

A New Approach to Deliver Investment Value

Next Generation Private Equity Utilizing Traditional Business Success Metrics Applied to New World Opportunities

BridgeTower marries a focus on traditional business success metrics such as revenue growth and EBITDA growth to opportunities being born from the new blockchain economy.

Through an exciting network of partners and portfolio companies and exchanges throughout Asia, Europe and North America, BridgeTower has assembled a digital and blockchain centric ecosystem that applies innovative and regulatory compliant investment processes.

This ecosystem gives BridgeTower shareholders access to exciting “new world” opportunities built on blockchain technology as well as other well vetted nascent technology companies.

While primarily focusing on Blockchain opportunities, BridgeTower also provides financial, operational, talent acquisition and marketing support for all its portfolio companies.


We participate in the most promising networks and protocols forming the backbone of Web 3.0 and the financial systems of the future.

Blockchain Technology is disrupting and revolutionizing virtually every industry with its overall business value is expected to exceed $3 Trillion by 2030. A Portfolio approach powered by hosted validator nodes for Staking and Yield Farming allows BridgeTower Capital to offer the benefits of diversification, interest- like residual income, and exposure to the upside value appreciation of underlying digital assets.

Greater Flexibility and Liquidity for BridgeTower Private Equity Shareholders

BridgeTower utilizes its own digital securities to enable investors access to markets that have traditionally been difficult to participate in like private equity in global markets.

Digital Securities, shares of the company, in conjunction with globally regulated exchanges, private listing institutions, and capital raising platforms can be used to access liquidity.

Once a digital security, shares of the company, have been purchased the shareholder may elect to hold the share and receive dividends or other returns listed in the offering memorandum or place the shares on a regulated exchange and private markets to be traded for liquidity opportunities.

Fully Compliant with Regulated Global Exchanges

BridgeTower’s partnership with SEC-registered transfer agent, international legal firms, regulated financial institutions and proprietary blockchain technology ensure global regulatory compliance.


Our team has executive level leadership experience with proven track records in multi-billion dollar corporations. This experience includes taking companies public, developing international markets, and creating successful exits. 

Cory Pugh

Chief Executive Officer & Chairman

Marcus Maute

Chief Operating Officer- Zurich, Switzerland

Mindy Ngo

Chief Technology Officer

Todd Wolfenbarger

Strategy and Business Development

Matt Dahl

CFO and Strategic Advisor

Marty Tate

General Counsel

Joe DeVera


Allison Dunn

Business Advisor

Scott Graham

Business and Technology Advisor